Taking the inquiries of the interested persons into account and in accordance with the decision of the IASHE, the additional option “Forum-Community” is included into the "Partner University" program. This option consisting of the following:

  1. Acting as the organizer or the co-organizer of scientific forums (conferences, symposiums, congresses, meetings, seminars, etc.) the partner university has the right to organize such events with remote informational-methodical participation of the IASHE.
  2. Informational and methodical participation of the IASHE in holding scientific forums brings the following benefits: a) the event receives the wide international status; b) the right to announce the fact that the event is held in the territorial format covering the actual city and the country (where the event is physically held) and the city of London (United Kingdom); c) preliminary presentational information concerning the event and its final press-release in Russian and English will be placed on websites and; d) in final materials of the event the organizer receives the right to indicate: a) the IASHE among co-organizers; b) the territorial format of event including the city of London (UK);
  3. Additional paid (within actual cost of the corresponding work) services of the IASHE connected with possible realization of partnership within "Forum-Community" and provided if claimed by the interested persons can consist of the following: 1) Production of nominal British diplomas and certificates for participants of the event; 2) Production of badges, other souvenir and presentational production of the event; 3) Production of printed materials of the event; 4) Providing printed materials published following the results of events with the British jurisdiction (the British ISBN); 5) Informational batch-mailing of printed materials published following the results of events, to the European, other international and national scientific and educational organizations; 6) Organization of postal or courier mass mailing; 7) Translation of the preliminary presentational information and press-release of the event.
  4. Following the results of each event held with use of resources of the "Forum-Community" option the corresponding partner is obliged to submit the press-release of the event held in English to the IASHE for publication.