Technical requirements to reports (articles) published in issues of the IASHE:

a) size of the report, including illustrations and tables must be from 2 to 7 pages of typed text. Size of the publication may reach even 15 pages but in this case every page over the limit (over seven pages) must be paid additionally (regarding the state coast of publication) - €10;

b) Correct and professional English language of publication. In case if the reviewed research was written by the author from one of the post-Soviet states, the author must present the Russian copy of the material for its possible presentation to experts (reviewers) who do not speak English;

c) mandatory brief abstract of the article, included in its size;

d) page format: А4 - 210х297 mm.;

e) right, left, top and bottom spacing–20 mm. each;

f) font - Times New Roman;

g) font size – 12 pt.;

h) interval between lines– 1.5;

i) alignment of the text – justified (no hyphenation allowed, only one space between words allowed, no tabulation allowed);

j) indent on the first line (i.e. paragraph) – 10 mm.;

k) Abbreviations (except for common - abbreviations of the mathematical values??, measures, terms, etc.) are not allowed;

l) every illustration must be sent in a separate file. Illustrations must be black and white, because this color mode will be used in the journal. Quality of the illustration published directly depends on the material sent.

m) schemes, graphs, diagrams, formulas and tables must be built directly in the text editor and placed strictly with limits of the above-mentioned page sizes.

n) inter-text references are published in the digest but not on the website.

o) scientific studies are accepted in electronic versions.



Main goal of publication of GISAP: Technical Sciences, Construction and Architecture is the development of Technical Sciences, Construction and Architecture as one of the most important spheres of activity of the modern person. In this regard we would like to emphasize that materials presented for publication in the journal must have certain scientific value and objective potential to make a contribution to the development of Technical Sciences, Construction and Architecture. Plagiarism, dishonest attitude to authorship of others, stealing achievements of others etc. are unacceptable. Read more in the section Publishing Ethics.

Besides, please also note the following important circumstance: materials in different languages can be published in the journal. At the same time English as the most widespread language of international communication is preferred. Materials presented in good English can provide their authors with the widest possible international citation and acknowledgment. Publisher reserves the right to reject materials, presented in bad English without additional explanations.

Obligatory condition for publication is presence of grammatically and linguistically correct title, abstract and keywords. Reports not meeting this requirement will not be published.